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Los Angeles Multicultural Wedding

We plan high end multicultural weddings all over Southern California with cuisine, traditions, & decor at top of mind.

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Los Angeles Multicultural Wedding

Our planning services include custom design board, task tracking/management, and venue/vendor sourcing just to start.

Additionally we offer a premier wedding management/ coordination service that will truly allow you and your loved once's to enjoy the wedding fully knowing it is in great hands.

The event design is important for us to tie all the elements together and make sure it not only sounds good but looks great! Weather you have a vision in mind or not, we come up with a custom design that includes rentals, flower arrangements, entertainment, and stationary.

On average our clients reach out 8 months -1.25 years out from their wedding.

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Fill out our contact form below to see if we are a good fit & get started planning your wedding!

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After you fill out & click SEND above you will be redirected to book a complimentary consultation with us!

To read a first hand account on what it is like working with us, check out one of our past clients testimonials below:

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